Snippets and Poems

One of my students, a 9-year-old only child, told me through tears how lonely he has been during an afternoon check-in video chat. I wanted to hug him and tried with comforting words. Ultimately, I wanted him to know that I see and hear him.


Your tears are stories

of a loneliness you keep

in a book I hold open

I work more now than I did at school, specifically trying to salvage time for my 5-year-old son. To compensate, I wake up early. Often I hear the same songbird. She is awake with me at the early hour and good company.


Our songbird sings be-

fore the dawn when a hazy 

mist fades to first light

My partner does the laundry more than me. I was surprised and excited when I saw the laundry basket at the end of our bed with my favorite pajamas folded on top. I wear a lot of pajamas these days.


When you find your best

pajamas clean and folded

like a gift for you


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