Building Sandcastles During a Pandemic


moments are

good enough 

for keeping,

like this one

as we ready 

to build this year’s 

first sandcastle

with a cracked

leaky bucket.

we shed shoes, 

peel off socks, roll

our pants to our knees,

we forget fears

pretending our lives 

are normal doing 

this normal thing.

I sit shoveling

sand, but always

I watch you

holding the pail

gently on its side 

trying to catch 

the elusive water,

then rising waves 

deliver you back






7 thoughts on “Building Sandcastles During a Pandemic”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful moment. Your moment, your poem so reminded me of my moments with my sons when they were young. Our time planting flowers in the dirt, building sand castles, and so many water wars out in the back yard. Thank you for causing that joyful memory for me with your poem.

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  2. This poem is so lovely and really screams to be read aloud. I read it again just to hear the rhythm. The whole poems seems to carry the ocean’s rhythm. Such a lovely moment. And I really appreciated the metaphor of the elusiveness of the water and the curren elusiveness of normalcy. So well done. 🙂

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  3. Your beautiful poem carries an important message about the gratitude for small, gentle and laughter filled moments. May you have many of those this summer.

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