Or Was It?

It was that kind of day

When Gus woke up two hours early.

When all morning, he was a train wreck; and he cried and cried.

When I walked to the coffee shop and garbage littered the sidewalk.

When I sat down to write and no words came.

When my mind and body fatigued, but we needed groceries.

Or was it?

When Gus crawled into bed in the early morning and we cuddled.

When I heard Josh soothe Gus for a much needed nap with a lullaby.

When I noticed spring buds ready to burst.

When I told myself that it was okay not to have words.

When we all did the chore to the store together.


6 thoughts on “Or Was It?”

  1. I just loved the structure of your piece. The beginning spoke to the challenges of the day, but with just one line – “Or was it?” – it all changed. Your post reminds us that there are two ways to see something. I think in this month we’ve all had those days where the words won’t come, but found power in realizing it is okay not to have words. It seems somehow words always find their way.


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  2. Delightful! This reminds me of the sayings that implore one to choose your attitude about the things you cannot change. I love the flip of this poem.


  3. Yes! So many days are like this. I love how you capture the ups and downs. It’s okay to feel the impact of both the negative and the positive. I feel like your post expresses that permission.

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  4. I love the structure of your piece, how it turns and tells another story about the same events. So much depends on our perspective–and I try to remind myself that to some degree at least, perspective is a choice. I’ve had a couple of those kinds of days too. Challenging myself today to find some ways to reframe.


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