There is No Such Thing

There is no such thing as sleeping in:

She sleeps, exhausted from the long week’s journey to Saturday.

She sleeps; it’s her day to sleep in.

The doorknob to the bedroom rattles obnoxiously.

Oh no! The little one is at the threshold, about to break through the sound barrier! She’s helpless.

The door swings wildly open and slams the wall; morning light goes to battle with the darkness; clumsy footsteps advance forward, thump, thump, thump… “Mama! Mama!”

She hears him breathing next to her, and what can only be presumed as a matchbox car is now driving through her hair.

Ouch! She’s awake.

There is no such thing as a cup of hot coffee:

She pours the coffee from the press into her favorite mug. She loves hot coffee first thing in the morning with just a splash of milk.

She takes a seat at the kitchen table with her warm mug. Ahhh, she sighs blissfully and raises the steamy drink to her mouth. She breathes in its intoxicating aroma…a robust, dark, organic French roast: Trader Joe’s; $7.99. Lovely!

Waaah! The spell is broken. The little one is crying and hollering, Stuck, Mama! He’s trying to retrieve something from under the fridge.

She sets down her mug and responds graciously to the little one’s demands. She lies flat on the kitchen floor. Uck! It needs scrubbing. She peers beneath the humming fridge; it’s a place so grimy and dusty with neglect, she’d rather not speak of it. With an exasperated, Ewww! she retrieves the missing butterfly magnet.

She gets whiff of a dirty diaper. Oh, Boo Boo, you need a diaper change. She leaves the kitchen, little one in tow.

Several minutes pass before she returns. Now where were we?

She picks up the mug and brings it to her lips.

Her coffee tastes familiarly cold.

14 thoughts on “There is No Such Thing”

  1. Love, love, love this! The calm, serenity broken by the sounds of little one. Light goes to battle with darkness and the little one breaking through the sound barrier are a few of my favorite phrases, but then I could just copy and paste the whole post and say, “This is my favorite!”

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  2. Love how you wrote this! I have very similar feelings as I lay in my bed and try to hide under the covers before I admit to myself it’s time to get up and get the day started with the kids.

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  3. This is perfect! I love the format and the third person voice. I have two little ones, too, and although I sometimes get frustrated with the things that no longer happen (sleeping in, eating a complete meal), I also know that this time is fleeting. 🙂 I love the lightheartedness you brought to this and how it’s obvious that to you there’s no such thing as something more important than your child.

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  4. What a great slice and one that so many of us can relate to. The matchbox car in the hair made me laugh and I love the line “exhausted from the long week’s journey to Saturday.”( Another thing we relate to.) As others said, I also enjoyed the third person perspective. Your wry sense of humor shines throughout. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Love this. My favorite is your attention to the underbelly of the fridge. In that moment, I can feel your exhaustion and exasperation–but also your devotion to being in the moment with your little guy, despite the desire for sleep and hot coffee! I’m amazed at how you keep coming up with new POV and perspectives and writing genres. You are truly experimenting with this challenge and coming up with some fantastic writing.


  6. I really like the line, “what can only be presumed as a matchbox car is now driving through her hair.” I remember those busy days. Those precious days pass quickly so enjoy them. I hope you get a little rest.

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