Please Excuse

Here I am – day two without any words.

My brain is blank, so is this page! and my heart says it’s closed indefinitely.

What’s this poor slicer to do?

If only there was a writing doctor…

Diagnosis: Writer’s Block. Please excuse.

Prognosis: Unsure, but hopeful that it won’t last long.

Action: Don’t force it. Read for inspiration. Be gentle with self. Take time to heal.



10 thoughts on “Please Excuse”

  1. Every March around this time I get the same ailment. The month is only half over. What will I write about for the next 10 days. My well has run dry. Funny thing is, each day some inspiration comes to me and I end up having a post for the day. You will too.

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  2. I like the take time to heal. You can do it, slowly you will find the snippet of life. I think you are thinking too hard. I mean really, look at the drivel I write: avocados that won’t ripen, dinner (that’s always a good topic), letters to companies that stop making chips I like. Don’t over think, just enjoy the process of putting words on the screen. I really liked today’s words. 🙂

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  3. Yep, around this time in March a lot of us need a visit to the writing doctor. But amazingly, we keep going and make it through (much like we do as teachers when we may not be feeling that well but we keep going as long as possible…)
    Your post is very clever!


  4. I loved reading this – my LAME slice is testament to the struggle at this point. We will do it. I agree – very clever post. You ARE writing good stuff here. This is a C H A L L E N G E!


  5. Oh I have so been here. I enjoyed your diagnosis and steps for cure. I think this should be posted each year when the yearly writing challenge is announced. So we are all reminded “Be gentle with self.” when it happens.

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  6. I love the illness and doctor metaphor. Give yourself grace, my dear. I think you are totally rocking this. I have LOVED hearing your voice this month.

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