Where Have You Been?

Many times I’ve been to the creek

that follows the railroad tracks.

I remember summer’s end,

my feet dangling in the water

my reluctant goodbye to childhood.

I’ve traveled long periods alone,

with friends, some more than friends, and a loyal dog.

I’ve been to a tiny pastry shop

where we pressed our faces so close

exchanging visions of what came next,

our paths merging in the distance.

4 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?”

  1. I echo Melanie on the wonderful surprise of the last line and the image preceding it, the two faces, pressed and dreaming. Lovely poetry.

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  2. My favorite line: “my reluctant goodbye to childhood.” At first glance the poem seems effortless and simple but when I really read it, there is a lot of emotion contained in this that I can feel. This is beautiful.

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