Word Ladder

Inside the word “polaroid” is falling in love

and inside of “falling in love” are currents flaming bright

and inside of “bright” is where our questions begin

and inside of “begin” is our individual journey

and inside of “journey” are pieces whole and severed

and inside of “severed” is a misplaced regret

and inside of “regret” is a familiar silence

and inside of “silence” are words we can make famous.

*I chose 5 words randomly from a book. My words were polaroid, bright, severed, regret, famous. Here’s the link to the prompt.

5 thoughts on “Word Ladder”

  1. What an interesting concept. It must have been challenging looking for those links amongst words. I particularly love ‘journey – whole and severed’ because journey is never straight forward and it leaves an indelible mark on you.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this slice! It’s amazing to me how structures for writing can be so freeing in many ways. I’ll have to give this one a go!

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