Gus’s Alphabet

is alley

B is big covers, bus routes, and binky

is counting and tick-tock clocks

D is my letter, but certainly Daddy

is emotions

is froggy, fruit, and Foster Avenue

is your letter

is hoods, hats, and hugs

is I love you

is jam and jumping shoes

is kisses, kisses, kisses

L is line ups and laughing

M is Mommy and mango milkshakes at the cafe

N is numbers on license plates

is observing

is parks with slides

is quick

is raspberries

is Sassafras and syrup

is your tum pie

is under highways and train tracks

is purple vitamins

is the Wheels on the Bus

is the letter on the express bus

Y is yogurt with honey

is the zippered kind of sweatshirt

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