Mommy’s Alphabet

A is arms for hugging

B is boy, am I tired

C is chasing

D is diaper changes

E is extra smiles each day

F is forgive us for being late

G is gluing things back together

H is hips are handy

I is I love you

J is juggling it all

K is kisses, kisses, kisses

L is laundry piles

M is maybe I can shower?

N is saying “No!”

O is out-of-date wardrobe

P is packing one million things

Q is quietly tiptoeing

R is reading stories

S is scheduling appointments

T is tripping on toys

U is usually exhausted

V is vacuuming crumbs

W is wrangling

X is finishing something on the to-do list!

Y is Oh my, a yard sale!

Z is Zinfandel


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