Gus is having quite the new experience with his ten-year-old cousin, William, visiting this weekend. Since his arrival, William has adored playing and roughhousing with Gus. Gus, fairly new to the planet, has not experienced this kind of focused, physical attention for such great lengths of time. I have to wonder what this is like for Gus…

Here comes that new person William again.

He sure likes chasing me and picking me up.

Best to get out of here before he catches me again.

Who knows what he’ll do this time?!

Yikes, he’s gaining on me.

Still figuring out this running thing.

Let’s be real. I don’t stand a chance.

First, my legs are way too short.

Second, these lousy footie pajamas don’t have good grips!

Uh-oh, he’s got me by the waste.

And, he’s flipping me upside down.

He’s got me by the ankles.

And, I’m swinging back and forth!

Ooooooooh! this is kind of nice.

What a fun sensation?!


I’m squealing with laughter.

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

I could do this all day.

Wait a minute…

Easy now, cousin Will!

Kind of dizzy down here.

Yoo-hoo! Hello! The room is spinning fast!

Help!                    Please!                     Anyone?!

Enough, already!

That’s it! I know just what to do.

This will get his attention. A full blast…



Phew! I’ve been released.

Once I can walk again, it’s really best to go hide.

Maybe behind my mom or dad?

I have a feeling he’ll be back for me soon.



8 thoughts on “Cousins”

  1. At first, I wondered if you were playing with words to disguise a puppy or kitten playing with Will. As I kept reading, I was transported to my own mother’s living room where I adore watching my daughter (9) play with her cousin (2). They have such a great time, but I realize I’ve really own watched from my own daughter’s point of view, not my niece’s. Thank you for helping expand my view of this interaction and inspiring another slice of mine!

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  2. That’s delightful! You really captured the essence of what was happening so I could just picture it in my imagination. Love that cousin interaction–can’t wait for that wild rumpus to start at my own house!

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  3. Oh once again I love your playfulness with perspective! I hope you are having a fun time visiting with family this weekend!


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