Earlier storm clouds

have shed

their heavy

silver coats.

A pale glow of

after rain light

arrives at our window.

Tiny crystal spheres

crowd the glass.


they rest,


a call

back home.



7 thoughts on “Rain”

  1. I love ‘tiny crystal spheres crowd the glass’…and then ‘weary they rest’. I think a lot of us may weary of too much rain and snow. Your words told a great picture story.


  2. “after rain light”- my favorite phrase in this lovely poem! I love saying that phrase out loud- it’s a mouthful of a noun but because of that it has heft and power, which echoes the significance of that kind of light that follows the grey.

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  3. Your blog has become my go-to for getting the goosies! (If you happen to watch American Idol–and my son is a HUGE Idol fan, which means that I have to be one too–Jennifer Lopez gets goosebumps whenever there’s an especially powerful or haunting performance). Seriously, every time I come here, I end up talking out loud at my computer and tingling at your lines. Love!

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