An Ever Growing List

What I didn’t know about motherhood…

I’d eat food scraps from my son’s tray, leftover peas, half eaten pear slices, cold nibbled spaghetti noodles

Wiry gray hairs would sprout like menacing weeds in my hairline

My hearing would increase tenfold with acute sensitivity to whimpers and nascent cries

A dozen questions would flood my brain simultaneously: Is he hungry? in pain? lonely?

I’d google search like a fiend, including what color and texture does this poop indicate?

I’d leave several voicemails for my mother; historically it had been the other way around

My heart would learn to bear the ache and weight of worry; it wouldn’t burst or stop beating entirely







8 thoughts on “An Ever Growing List”

  1. Yes, yes, yes! We are so fiercely analytic and protective of this role, because it is the most important one we will ever play. I loved your idea for a list post. You are doing a fantastic job of coming up with different “mini-genres” to explore!

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  2. Ok. So. For whatever reason, I never clicked over to your blog before today. And now I can’t stop reading! Like every single piece you write leaves me talking out loud to myself–“Oh my God. Wow”–AND covered with goosebumps. Seriously. Wow. Again with that final line. What a punch. And yes. Oh, yes. Also totally stealing the topic and format.

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    1. Thanks, Elisabeth! I really enjoy your comments – thoughtful, lively, and super encouraging! I look forward to reading your rendering of the motherhood list.


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