Glossary is a collection and translation of made-up words that have developed over the coarse of my relationship with my husband and the birth of our son, Gus. These words are terms of endearment woven into our daily language.

Baby Grahnd: son; third integral member of family; a favorite; beloved. also: a lullaby.

bank the time: faces pressed close; noses nestled.

Bird: husband; father. also: character in drawings.

Caht: wife; mother; bestowed nickname.

grahnd: inspiring like or love; special.

mupping: afternoon slumbering. see bank the time.

number two: Gus’s reflection; mirror company.

sleeping socks: nighttime foot warmers for tiny feet.

tum pie: a series of kisses delivered to the youngest’s exposed belly-button.


5 thoughts on “Glossary”

  1. I love this idea of cataloging the language of your family. So many times we fall into using the same phrases that begin to take on a whole new life of their own.

    Thanks for sharing today!


  2. What a fun idea for a post! It’s inspiring me to consider exploring other genres when I write. I’m pretty stuck on long-winded mini-memoirs. 🙂 Time to branch out! I love how this brief catalog gives us a glimpse into your special relationships.


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