d is a half-note sitting on the treble clef,
it sings dooby dooby doop doop!
For safe-keeping, d has a zippered pouch.
d is a dependable shoe for a stick figure.
d is deeply-rooted, 
but don't forget dazzling and daring!
d is a kickstand for a bike,
a trusty putter on the golf green.
On its side, d is a speed bump,
backwards, an imposter.
d dilly-dallies behind a,b and c.
d says "drats!" when something's lost.
Facedown, d dreams of being a dragon,
but come dawn, d's delighted to be d again.

3 thoughts on “d”

  1. What a lovely tribute to a letter. I love how you flip-flopped to get so many different (and clever!) interpretations of what is “just” a letter – but now, so much more! I love the line about being a ‘dependable shoe for a stick figure’ – so perfectly imagined!

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