Saying Good Night

We say good night to our neighbors with the new baby and walk back to our house across the alley. The moon hovers high in an otherwise barren sky. The night air still holds the excitement and warmth from the spring day.

We open the alley gate and enter our backyard. All afternoon we worked and played here. We raked up the lingering leaves, turning over the rich, fragrant soil beneath. I filled the bird feeders and greeted a smattering of spring buds peeking up at me. Josh and I took turns holding on to Gussie’s bike seat and cheering wildly when he pedaled himself across the yard.

Now, as we make our way to our back porch, I hear the murmurs of other neighbors in their yards. I see the glow of a nearby fire and shadows gathered around it. Through the darkness, Josh calls out a jovial good night to them. A flurry of good nights embrace us before we step inside.

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