Sorrow Is Not My Name

No matter the urge to undance
this song, no matter the fraying seams,
there is little not worth trying
to understand. Just this morning, the sky 
was an electric blue, I leaned into 
the window, celebrating its bold canvas; 
how I'd never be able to 
imagine it. Then, just one 
warm enough sweater for every
cold morning. And finding momentum 
to text you, the words perhaps simple. 
Think of the crab apple tree 
preparing her spring bouquet, the new
neighbors playing in their driveway.
At the end of our street is the lake.
The sun rises there. I remember. 
My direction is east.

inspired by poet Ross Gay

2 thoughts on “Sorrow Is Not My Name”

  1. I’ve read your post several times and your use of imagery, especially your electric blue sky and the sunrise at the lake, speaks to your title about not embracing sorrow. I think you could also call this Hope.


  2. There’s so much to appreciate here! The artful use of imagery, the precision that captures the mood so well. “Undance/ this song…” grabs me right away, makes me curious. “One just warm enough sweater…” gives me the exact cues to see and feel what you describe. Ross Gay would appreciate this a great deal!

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