So many things about you say you’re almost three.

Your arms and legs are longer and slimmer. The chubby rings around your wrists and ankles are faded and nearly gone. Your favorite t-shirts are creeping up your belly, and the bottoms of your pants, we’re constantly yanking down.

You’re talking all the time and playfully repeating your daddy’s made-up phrases. I hear you cheerfully chatter with your trucks and cars as you scoot them across the floor.

This morning, when the first Saturday pancakes were ready, you gobbled your usual two. Shorty after you announced, “Mommy and Daddy, my tum pie is not yet full!” and, lickety-split, one after the other, you gobbled another two.

Last night, I watched you dance in the living room. You twirled and shook and sang the Hokey Pokey. You were having so much fun by yourself. Something, I think, you learn to do when you’re almost three.

10 thoughts on “3”

  1. So much fun! I remember those days well…and lucky for me I have another one ‘three’ to live through! You captured the joys and sprouting independence so well in this piece. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. That’s a mama’s love coming through as she watches her baby become more. Keep watching and writing mom, it goes so fast. Suddenly you wake up and he’s 35 with a two year old who adores him.

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  3. You make almost three a stage of life we hadn’t appreciated properly:) So sweet- I love the elements of child-language in this piece especially. Plus, of course, the physicality- the shirt over the tummy, the dancing like no one is watching…

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