I feel grateful for the inspiration from others slicers to write this list.

  1. Grateful
  2. for the coffee I have first thing,
  3. and the sleepy morning hugs with Gus.
  4. Grateful for snowcapped tree branches,
  5.  that we admire from the front window.
  6. Grateful for Josh fixing breakfast,
  7. and then eating,
  8. the three of us, together.
  9. Grateful for slippers inside
  10. and snow boots outside,
  11. Grateful for the soft, pink mittens
  12. my friend lent me.

7 thoughts on “Grateful”

  1. Such a lovely list written like a ten-line poem. I wrote on gratitude to day, also –“Be Thankful” Come on over if you have time.


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