It’s the torn, overstuffed shoebox,

on the high shelf in the back closet.

It’s the walking there with the kitchen stool,

and the simple tug of the chain for light.

It’s the balance required to stand,

coupled with the difficulty to reach it.

It’s certainly the shape, and the weight of lowering it;

the heavy layer of dust and that sweet stale odor.

It’s always been the past; the fear and time spent away.

It’s always been the present, and the courage to open.




9 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. Congratulations on making it through the March challenge. I have enjoyed reading your posts and hope you will consider joining us every Tuesday. Thank you for kind comments on my posts as well.

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  2. Great poem. Poetry is very hard for me, so when I see a piece like this, I get very envious. I am a first timer here as well, and this challenge has been so amazing! I feel like a writer and having people read what I write is such a boost. I hope you’ll continue to find momentum for your craft and perhaps I’ll see you on the Tuesday slices. 🙂

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  3. Wow. I’m speechless after reading this. This is one to be printed off and glued into my writer’s notebook. What a great way to end the month, and to be inspired to think ahead. Thank you for your inspiring comments on my blog. Happy April!

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  4. I agree. What a poem!! The image of the “tug of the chain for light” and “It’s the balance required to stand”..had me saying inside my head “Be careful – don’t fall”
    And I am still wondering about the symbolism…so rich.
    Congrats on writing for 31 days!!! I too have enjoyed your stories. I hope you consider returning here on Tuesdays to post more slices throughout the year!

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  5. Deborah- this poem! You really ended with a gem. The kitchen stool, the chain for the light- I love how these image suggest a feeling of clumsiness and awkwardness that is still familiar. What a gift it was to hear your voice for 31 days straight. You must keep at this writing thing!

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