A Walk to the Train

I walked you to the train today.

We held hands and leaned into one another like we do.

I laughed in agreement when you said, No one should ever have to do anything but sleep on a day this grey!

I felt the immediate comfort of your hand when we talked about Gus. Why is he so unhappy at daycare? He was the saddest that I’ve ever seen him today.

I shared passing thoughts. I wonder if I’ll just stop writing when the month is over? I hope to find a way to keep it going.

You shared passing thoughts. The next step is to make a website for my practice; Something simple.

Then, I nearly pounced on you when a dog barked wildly from behind the fence. You gave me that funny wide-eyed look and teased me like you do.

We were just about under the tracks when your train came rumbling overhead. Let’s kiss for the passengers, you said. So we made goofy faces, and with exaggerated, puckered lips, we smooched goodbye again and again. Like we do.


4 thoughts on “A Walk to the Train”

  1. Oh- I love this post. So genuine. Thanks for letting us in to a private moment. You blend dialogue and detail so well here to bring the scene to view.


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