Red Bird

Writing Doctor: Tell me about your symptoms?

 Me: I’m not feeling excited to write like I was before.

Writing Doctor: Tell me about before.

Me: I felt like everywhere I looked there was inspiration and a reason to write. Things would just come out of the woodwork. Like this morning, when I was walking in our back alley. It’s not a pretty sight. It’s lined with oversized garbage cans; tall, unwelcoming wire fences; and shabby garage doors. Well, I noticed the most remarkable thing. There was a red cardinal perched on the overhead wire. His brilliant feathers seemed aglow against the drab sky. He was a rare, glistening ruby in the most unlikely of places. As I neared the bird, he darted across the alley to a fence post. I had to get to work, but I stopped to watch this fascinating creature do his number. Chest held high, he hopped skillfully along the fence and chirped a delightful tune. He was like a grand marshal leading a parade.

Writing Doctor: You sound inspired by the little fellow.

Me: Yes, I was! I wanted to write about him immediately. However, I was afraid that I’d sit down and the words would fail me. How could I describe the bird and what it meant to see him this morning?

Writing Doctor: Write without judgement. Join the bird, march, sing along.


4 thoughts on “Red Bird”

  1. Love this! What a fun idea to write a dialogue. Your experimentation with genre amazes me! That in and of itself shows profound creativity even when the words don’t flow as easily as you hope.


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