Ode to Our Second Favorite Couch

Poor, poor, tannums! It is no secret that you are our subsequent couch.

That you were named second, and, quite frankly, after our favored couch, reddums.

Oh, exquisite crimson and lush reddums, adorned with soft pillows and a blanket, ripe for our company.

And, drab, ol’, brownish, scrawny tannums littered with junk mail, yesterday’s socks, and crumbs from the youngster’s graham cracker.

But, how rude of me to insult you, and insensitive to speak of reddums, when this is your ode, after all!

Dear, dear, tannums! We got you off craigslist for a steal. We saved a penny or two and that’s a big deal!

Sequestered in the back room, I never ever feel the pressure to clean you, which saves me precious time when raising our kiddo.

And the chocolate stain! And that fat blue line the littlest drew on you! Those are precious memories you bear, and for that an appreciation for all that you do.


4 thoughts on “Ode to Our Second Favorite Couch”

  1. What a hoot! I never would have thought of writing an ode to a couch, much less the second favorite couch. Such fun. I love the way you wove little bits of your past history with the couch into your ode. You allowed me to see your couch through those details

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