Pura Vida

We drove the rocky, dust laden road until we reached the coast.

The briny smell of ocean air infused the breeze sweeping in through the open windows.

Drunk with delight, we exchanged dream-like smiles. We’d waited a long time for this moment.

We continued our journey on foot, traversing the hot sand toward the mighty and boisterous body of water. Side by side, we carried you between us.

Maybe you were afraid it would swallow you up, and who could blame you for wailing.

But we held you tight to our bodies when we cradled you in its salty, warm waters.

We sat you in the surf, and you were happy to return to the heavy, wet earth.

We watched your eyes fill with wonder as the waves crept into your lap and playfully washed away.




6 thoughts on “Pura Vida”

  1. Oh yes, I could picture myself there many years ago with my daughter in tow. The beach is still a favorite place for us to visit even if it’s just for a day. What a great SOL. Thanks for sharing!

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