I Heard it on NPR

It was a story about Frank Warren. Maybe you know of him or maybe you heard the story, too? People from all over the world write their secrets on postcards and address and send them to Warren. He posts them here every Sunday. He told Guy Raz the story of the beginning of this idea. How he randomly passed out several self-addressed postcards one day in Washington D.C. and boldly asked people to write their secrets. The response was staggering. Not only did he receive many of those postcards, as people got wind of it,  they made or bought their own postcards and sent them.

But this really isn’t a post about Frank Warren. It’s a post about how Warren’s story and actions have me thinking about writing my secrets. It’s to my relief that people desperately want to write and share their secrets. I’m no longer alone in that feeling.

I wonder if revealing a secret is a part of why I write, or we write? Is there a wish to share pieces of our secret selves through this controlled, thoughtful, and expressive medium?  I don’t think secrets are simple or simply dark, evil, or dirty. I believe there are all kinds of secrets. A secret can be a wish for love. A secret, when told, can heal. A secret said out loud can be a voice for millions who are silenced.

Here is a secret: I’m terrified to write.

Here is another secret: I have a profound desire to write.








12 thoughts on “I Heard it on NPR”

  1. I love the idea that secrets are not always shameful. I think writing unveils secrets that our own souls haven’t told us yet. I love your writing voice!

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  2. What an interesting thought. You have a great voice; I can hear you talking with me. There is a personal dialogue with the reader. You writing reaches the reader. No need to fear the word. It has given you strength.

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  3. I think we are all secretly terrified and drawn to expressing ourselves. What if we aren’t understood or accepted? Even worse, what if we are…?

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  4. This reminds me of a few years ago when my best friend from high school and I made a pact that if we were ever together (at one another’s house, or at a party, or even “together” while messaging back and forth) and the clock turned midnight, we would share a secret, no matter how big or small. Some of the things we revealed were stupid, and some quite profound. I credit that promise we made with how long our friendship has lasted and how confident an adult I am now. Once you start sharing your secrets, you begin to realize that you have nothing to hide!

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